Getting back to the studio

After a long hiatus from studio time, I’m ready to get back to it. I’m starting small, so as not to get overwhelmed and procrastinate. I’ve chosen a picture of a garter snake that I took last summer in the horse paddock. It was patient enough to let me have a photo shoot, even while I was crouched on the ground in front of it to get different perspectives. Thank you little snake!

I know snakes are not a popular subject matter, but if you can overlook the “creepy” factor, they really are quite beautiful.

garter snake ??????????

I will be portraying this little garter snake in graphite. I’ll add updates as I go along.

garter snake 1a

I was a little impatient and jumped right in before doing a complete detailed line drawing.  A good start though, I think.

Feb 17, 2015   I haven’t had much time to work this week. Got a little further. Trying to decide just how much detail I want to put on the ground. I don’t want it to be too busy, but I want it to have texture.


March 5, 2015   Not much progress – a bout with the flu left me with no desire to get much of anything done.  But I’m on the mend and getting back to work.  I find myself getting a little cross-eyed on this one.  So many little scales!

3-5-15 web  3-12-2015 004 web a

3-21-15 004 a web cor

One of the hardest parts of any drawing for me is knowing when to stop.  I think this one is finished, for now.  I’ll put it aside for a week and then give it one last tweak.  I can see that I have to work on photographing my work to have more consistency in the lighting.  Constructive critiques are welcome!


36 responses to “Getting back to the studio

  1. Hi Claire, I like the idea. All of nature is interesting! I particularly like the composition. It is a good start!


  2. Good to hear from you! Wow!impressive! Can’t wait to see your art work done.


  3. You’re my hero for using a snake as a subject- they are beautiful, charismatic, and so necessary for a healthy environment! I’ve hiked around a lot of rattlers and the hardest part is catching up to them for a good look because they do try to avoid us if they can. Lovely work!


  4. You are a talented artist. Love your work. The detail is awesome. Keep up the good work.


  5. I love snakes and reptiles in general are very beautiful. Great texture so far!


  6. This is great!


  7. You are brave. There are some things I am craving like a shot of an eagle, sandhill crane, or great blue heron, but I hadn’t thought of a rattle snake. Now that I have thought of it, it still isn’t on my list. Great job.


  8. Reblogged this on Mòr Lomadair – the Lady of the Forest and commented:
    What a beautiful snake and so patient.

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  9. The step-wise posts of this project are very interesting and your talent is superb. Thanks.

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  10. Thank you, Stephen, for the feedback and the compliment! I very much enjoy your blog as well. I’ve just started blogging and I find reading others’ sites to be quite addicting!


  11. It’s eyes seem to be alive and full of expression. I like that the most.


  12. Thank you! That’s always the first thing that I draw as well as my favorite part to do. I think it sets the tone for the rest of the drawing.


  13. You have done a wonderful job capturing this beautiful little snake. I’d call it done, and I like the lighting on the final shot the best, too.

    So glad you stopped by 🙂

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  14. melanietassoneart

    Wow, these are amazing. Animals are something I’ve never been able to draw!

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  15. As an artist, I really enjoyed seeing your process. Thanks.

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  16. menacing.
    you nailed this one. we have these here, and your drawing is as close as I’d like to get–and even IT is too close for comfort!

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  17. This is so beautiful! You don’t often see snakes in fine art, so this is refreshing! The textures and values are great!

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  18. love your work and your subject matter! xx

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  19. You’re a fantastic artist! You really captured the horse’s expression and soul in their eye. I also enjoyed your etched emu eggs. 🙂

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