In Memory of Tessy

tessy-completed“In Memory of Tessy”
Acrylic on canvas – reference photo by Lisa Giberti.
When I first saw this picture I knew I wanted to paint it. The lighting is so lovely, and it captures the peaceful atmosphere of Lisa’s farm. And yes, part of her ear is missing – she came to Lisa’s farm that way!


5 responses to “In Memory of Tessy

  1. She looks like a lovely sweet natured horse….I noticed the ear, poor thing, although I am sure it didn’t actually cause a problem 😀

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  2. I like the light too – and the way you caught the pupil’s reaction to it on the eye. It is a nice reminder that the barn really can be light sometimes! It seems I’ve been arriving and leaving there in the dark lately!

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  3. The lighting is perfect. This is beautiful Claire!


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